Do I need a Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement surgery is a proven treatment option for management of end-stage arthritis of the hip joint. The pain and stiffness experienced by a patient with arthritis results from a degenerative process in which your joint has lost its normal smooth cartilage. Loss of the smooth cartilage results in irregular surfaces rubbing against each other when you move your hip or place weight on it. Unless you had an injury, your hip arthritis may be related to your heredity or to heavy use. X-rays of patients with hip arthritis will demonstrate narrowing of the space between the bones of the hip joint.

Hip replacement surgery should be considered when your hip arthritis keeps you from performing the activities you enjoy due to hip pain (such as golfing, hiking, walking, working out, dancing, climbing stairs). You may notice loss of motion, deep pain, grinding in your hip, groin or buttock, and difficulty putting on your socks and shoes. It is important that you are in your best state of health before proceeding - good preparation makes for a good recovery.

Evaluation by a trained specialist which includes obtaining your medical history, examining your hip, and reviewing your x-rays can ultimately determine if you would be a good candidate for hip replacement surgery.

Info on Hip Replacement