Back to Basketball after Anterior Total Hip Replacement

We had the pleasure of taking care of a man in his mid-50s who presented to us with debilitating pain in his left hip.  He had undergone a prior successful right hip replacement a number of years of ago but was having increasing pain in the left hip.  One of his passions in life was playing basketball and one of the primary goals of doing surgery was to get him back to this as quickly as possible.  This particular patient sought to have his hip replaced through an anterior approach due to its muscle sparing nature and relatively quick functional recovery.  After we mutually decided to proceed with an anterior total hip replacement, we utilized his pre-operative x-rays to develop a plan for surgery.

His surgical plan was executed successfully and he made an uneventful early recovery.  His post-operative x-rays are demonstrated here and very closely mirror our pre-operative template.

He recently sent us this video of him playing basketball pain free at just 2.5 months post-operatively.  He has truly made a remarkably quick functional recovery.  This case demonstrates the potential of anterior total hip replacement in fit and motivated patients.  We could not be more pleased that he has gotten back to the active lifestyle he desires.