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Happy Sailing after Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty for Arthritis

We recently had the pleasure of seeing a patient back in the office 3 months after undergoing an anterior total hip arthroplasty for arthritis of the hip. The patient's pre-operative and post-operative x-rays are shown below. He is doing wonderfully and back to enjoying the things he loves, namely sailing.

We received this great note from him the other day:

"Just a short note to thank you for giving me my life back. Prior to hip replacement surgery, many of the basic life activities were either not possible or extremely painful. I was unable to place a sock on my left foot without the help of my wife, unable to tie the shoe lace on my left foot, unable to walk without pain, unable to stand from a sitting position without a grab bar of some type, to name a few things I couldn't accomplish. Since the surgery in March, I have no limitations and I am pain free. The relief was immediate.Thanks again - my wife thanks you too! I highly recommend that anyone with severe hip pain consider the replacement option sooner rather than later"

We wish our patient happy sailing on his new hip! For more information on our approach to anterior total hip arthroplasty, visit our website here.