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  • Reverse Total Shoulder One Year Outcome

    Just over a year ago, a pleasant lady in her mid 60s presented to our office with pain an debilitation in her right shoulder related to an irreparable rotator cuff tear and some moderate arthritis. She was only able to elevate her arm to less than 90 degrees and this was quite painful to her.

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  • Back to Basketball after Anterior Total Hip Replacement

    We had the pleasure of taking care of a man in his mid-50s who presented to us with debilitating pain in his left hip. He had undergone a prior successful right hip replacement a number of years of ago but was having increasing pain in the left hip.

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  • Proximal Humerus Fracture

    Recently we had the pleasure of seeing a patient in her 50s who returned to clinic 6 months after sustaining a Neer 3-part proximal humerus fracture. The injury involved her dominant arm and due to her age and activity level, we tried to avoid shoulder replacement surgery.

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  • Smoking Increases Surgical Risk

    A recent study performed and published by Dr. Matsen Ko and her colleagues in a leading orthopedic journal, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, demonstrated the potential adverse effects that smoking can have on the outcome of elective joint replacement surgery.  In their conclusions, the authors noted that

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  • Preparing for Surgery

    Our goal is to provide the safest and most effective surgical care for our patients. While much of the outcome depends on our surgical team, there are at least four important steps patients can take before surgery to improve the chances of achieving the best possible result. The importance of these steps has been repeatedly demonstrated by published research.

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  • Happy Sailing after Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty for Arthritis

    We recently had the pleasure of seeing a patient back in the office 3 months after undergoing an anterior total hip arthroplasty for arthritis of the hip. The patient's pre-operative and post-operative x-rays are shown below. He is doing wonderfully and back to enjoying the things he loves, namely sailing.

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  • Patient function after proximal humerus ORIF.

    We recently had patient return to clinic 6 months after having under gone surgical fixation for a displaced proximal humerus fracture. After extensive rehab, the patient was able to achieve an excellent functional result from the operation.

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  • Humeral Shaft Fractures

    The management of humeral shaft fractures can vary depending on the fracture pattern, the immediate functional demands of the patient, and the willingness of the patient to accept some of the surgical risks of fracture fixation.

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  • Anterior Total Hip Replacement for AVN

    At times total hip replacements are not done for osteoarthritis. We had a young patient recently who had sustained a right pelvic fracture in a motor vehicle accident. He was having excruciating pain in his hip. His pelvic fracture had healed great but he had lost the blood supply to his femoral head and had developed Avascular Necrosis. As the name implies, this means that due to loss of blood supply, the femoral head actually starts to die. As you know, our bones are alive and require a steady source of blood to allow bone turnover and nutrients. If this is lost, the bone will not be viable. This is extremely painful for the patient.

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